JDS Silver is a Canadian mine development platform based in Vancouver, BC. The company’s current project, the Silvertip Mine, began construction in December 2015 and will be in full production by October 2016.  The asset and Sa Dena Hes Concentrator were purchased simultaneously at the end of 2013 from Silvercorp Metals and Teck Resources, respectively.  The purchase of the Concentrator significantly reduced lead time, engineering costs and the development schedule of the project.

The Company’s management is an aligned team of experts with over 100 years of resource experience in identifying and maximizing the value of stranded mining assets. More specifically, they possess a depth of experience and market credibility in fit for purpose resource development of profitable, quick to cash flow and expandable assets.

Our evaluation and selection process of resource endowment opportunities takes a fit for purpose strategy.  JDS Silver identifies unique opportunities and deploys its proprietary value proposition to create projects that will generate value where others failed to see it; we are committed to turning the resources into monetary benefit for our stakeholders.

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