It is the underlying motivation of all JDS Silver employees and management that its operations be able to withstand all challenges at all times.  The nature of our business requires us to impact our surroundings yet we aspire to leave a positive legacy where we operate.  In order to achieve this we commit to the following:

Health and Safety: Every individual is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace.  No one will perform work they are not qualified to undertake and no one will be asked to do work they are not qualified for or have the proper tools and equipment to complete in a safe manner.

Environment: We all share the use of the land and will minimize the impact of our operations on future land users.  To this end the company will employ current best practices in its operation to control discharges to the air and water and leave the smallest footprint possible after operations have ceased.

Community: We live in the communities where we work.  We respect our communities and assist in any way possible with making them better places to live.  It is preferred to hire and procure supplies and services and provide benefits locally. 

Employment: JDS Silver workforces will be diverse and we aim to be the employer of choice for Northern BC by providing stable employment and competitive wages and benefits while providing equal opportunities in a respectful and harassment free workplace.

Financial: Our operations must be profitable through all market cycles.  JDS Silver will control costs throughout its operations in all metal cycles by strictly adhering to budgets for materials, services and manpower.  All stakeholders will benefit from stable operations without concern for cyclic variations in metal prices.

Risk Management: JDS Silver will take a practical approach to risk management, focused on the greatest threats to its business and not based solely on regulatory compliance. Risk Management is an integral part of the day to day operations.