An essential part of our business ethos is our Zero Harm Culture: 

  • Zero Harm to People
  • Zero Harm to Environment
  • Zero Harm to Assets
  • Zero Harm to Reputation



Health and Safety is top priority for JDS Silver. Our focus is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors, so we are committed to maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

Maintaining our excellent performance in this area requires a consistent and holistic approach. We actively work to continuously improve our performance and build upon our culture of looking after each other and keeping each other safe. First and foremost, every individual is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others in the workplace. No one will perform work they are not qualified to undertake and no one will be asked to do work they are not qualified for or have the proper tools and equipment to complete in a safe manner. As a result of our efforts, we have thus far had no safety incidents, and we are striving to reach construction completion with the same clean record.

JDS Silver’s health and safety policies and standards provide a clear statement of our commitment and goals for health and safety management. Our HSE program provides maximum benefit and adheres to only the highest standards. 



We understand that the work that we do will bring change to local environments and communities. We all share the use of the land and will minimize the impact of our operations on future land users. We employ current best practices in our operations to continue to meet or exceed existing environmental standards.

We also understand that following the rules is only part of the equation. The Company has committed to the following best practices to minimize our impact during operations and post closure:

  • Dry Stack Tailings, removing need of tailings ponds
  • De-sulphidized Tailings to eliminate ARD
  • Underground disposal of all potential acid generating tailings and waste rock
  • Mine development concentrated in non-acid generating rock mass
  • LNG power generation for lower carbon emission
  • Ongoing active reclamation during mine operations