JDS Silver is actively evaluating additional opportunities in accordance with our target profile:

Project Criteria and Risk Analysis:

  • Rock Value – NSR Value $/per tonne
  • Location – Operating Jurisdiction and Logistical Access
  • Resource – Defined for Production (43-101 compliant)
  • Metallurgy – Reliable and Consistent Results (proven process)
  • Mining Method – Fundamentally Sound & Defendable
  • Permitting – Analyzed without Fatal Flaws
  • First Nations and Community Engagement –  Achievable Agreements
  • Engineering/Procurement –  Creative Opportunities for Timeline to Cash Flow
  • Mine Development –  Costs and Opportunities (quick to CF)
  • Construction Execution – Fit for Purpose (quick to CF)
  • Production Team –  Fit for Purpose culture

Upside Optionality:

  • Resources –  Exploration Potential within Deposit
  • Regional –  Development creates Exploration locally

If a project meets the criteria, internal high level feasibility is developed and base case economics are evaluated for return profile.